Swiss Turners Gymnastics Academy 

Swiss Turners preschool program is specially designed to enable your child to develop their awesome potential! Class sizes are small to ensure more one-on-one attention. Each class is planned to help your child develop basic gymnastic skills in a safe and progressive manner.

In addition, gymnastics can aid your child in improving their strength, flexibility, coordination, listening skills, social skills, spatial awareness and most importantly of all, their self-confidence.

For each class level your child will receive a skill chart to take home and put up. As they are periodically tested and pass skills, they will receive stars in a small envelope to take home and put up on their skill chart. To keep you involved, we allow time between classes in case you have questions for your child's teacher about their development and progress.

At Swiss Turners we feel that each child should progress at a pace that is comfortable for them so that the learning is fun!

Following are the preschool class we offer with a brief description of each. You can click on the name of the class to see the schedule for that class.

Diaper Dinosaurs (Parent & Tot) 
Ages: walking up through 3 years
Our Parent and Tot class is a structured program designed with lots of fun in mind! We emphasize a safe physical play environment incorporating group time, songs, music, parachute fun, basic gymnastics skills, large and small motor activities and one-on-one special time between you and your child. 

Bouncing Brontosaurus 
Ages: 3 - 3.5 years of age
This class is dedicated to the young, independent, beginner gymnast. In this class, the children are ready for being on their own. Mom and Dad sit on the sidelines in a supportive role while the children take turns, follow directions and learn basic gymnastics skills.

Swinging Stegosaurus 1 
Ages: 3.5 - 4.0 years of age
Here we have another popular entry level for beginning preschool gymnasts. In this class the children learn to take on more tasks as they begin to work more in a station based system of teaching. This style allows your child more opportunity to practice their skills and develop independence.

Swinging Stegosaurus 2 
Ages: 4 - 4.5 years of age
In SS2 the children will be working on such skills as cartwheel, tripod and bridge on the floor, pullover on the bars, backward walking dips, squat turn and chassée on the beam, hurdle jump to straddle on the vault, pike inverted hang on the rings and seat and tuck jump on the tramp.

Rockin' Raptors 
Ages: 4.5 - 5 years of age
Rockin' Raptors work to increase flexibility, strength, total body coordination and kinesthetic awareness. The children work on such skills as cartwheels over a block, backward roll down a wedge, forward roll to stand on the floor, hip pullover to 3 casts on the bars, chassée and squat turn on the beam, straight body inverted hang on the rings, jump 1/2 turn on trampoline and straddle on the blocks for vault.

Tumbling Triceratops 
Ages: 5 - 5.5 years of age
In this program we work to increase your child's strength, flexibility, total body coordination and kinesthetic awareness. Some key skills covered in this class include kick to handstand against the wall, tucked headstand, lunge cartwheel and backward roll down a wedge on the floor, pullover and back hip circle on bars, forward step kicks and pivot turns on beam, squat on to the vault, straight body inverted hang and support hold on the rings, jump turns and table drop on the tramp.

Turning T-Rex 
Ages: 5.5 - 6 years of age
This is our most advanced preschool class. Most children in this class will have graduated from our other preschool classes. Here your child is preparing for their graduation into our boys and girls developmental program. Some of the key skills stressed in this class include straight cartwheel, kick up to handstand and step down, candle stick roll-up and backward roll on the floor, hip pullover alone and pike glide on the bars, arabesque, stretch jump and relieve walk on the beam, squat over the blocks for vault, L support on the rings, various combinations of previously learned skills on the tramp.